2/3 Of The Way To 6 Months (!)

I suppose that the easier way to say that would be to tell you that Ezra turned 4 months old on Sunday…but the other way somehow is more shocking – at least to me. 

We celebrated his birthday with a trip to Denver for Wee Worship at church, then an afternoon cheering for the Broncos as they beat Tampa Bay. The day was topped off with the monthly phone call from Ezra’s Great-Grandmother in Florida, and the obligatory 4 kisses (I wonder what will happen in a few years…that’s a lot of kisses). 

We head into the doctor’s office tomorrow, so more statistics then. But for now, here are some pictures (it was supposed to be colder today, thus the hat) and the traditional list of numbers:

4 – number of months that Ezra is old

2 – including this one; number of statistics in this list


  1. What a cutie!! I was going to call, but have been ridiculously busy out here. I just got to check my e-mail, and the blog was top of the list to check! lovyoumeanit

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