It’s A Zoo Out There

Special Florida Edition

On Monday morning the three of us headed out with my Grandparents to the Jacksonville Zoo. It has been a really long time since any of us has been to a zoo, and it has been at least 10 years since my Grandparents have been to the zoo in Jacksonville. As you would expect, lots of things have changed since they last were there: paved walkways, better exhibits, more animals, etc. I have my own reservations about zoos, but I put them aside and we all enjoyed a nice morning of walking, learning, watching, and enjoying each others company. Besides, I used it as a chance to do some photography…

In the evening, we headed down to my Aunt and Uncles house about 1.5 hours away from Jacksonville for dinner. When we arrived, my Aunt surprised us with a proposition…the two of them would hang out with Ezra, and they would send us along to have some dinner by ourselves. It took us a minute or two to get used to the idea (seems like thinks such as ‘spontaneity’ are harder to deal with when you have a kid), but we took them up on their offer and headed out for a bit to eat. When we returned we enjoyed some conversation for a while before needing to head out for the long drive back to Jacksonville. We had a great time, and miss the opportunity to spend more of it with them.

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