Sick And Tired And Jetplanes

Monday night brought a new experience for us: Ezra coming down with a sickness. Since none of us had ever dealt with it before, we were completely unsure of how he/us were going to react to the symptoms….well, for the most part he did really well….but for the rest of the part, he slept terribly – and consequently, so did we. 

Tuesday morning was a chill time spent mostly hanging around with my Grandparents and packing for our afternoon departure. There was much trepidation about the up and down, the pressurization and depressurization of the airline cabin to come. 

After returning the car to the rental agency (we put over 800 miles on it, and really enjoyed the space and function), we headed into the airport to check in. I had budgeted an upgrade to business class (only $99 each on Air Tran) for us from Atlanta to Denver, so with some computer problems, we made those changes. We were also able to secure a row with an empty seat for the Jacksonville to Atlanta leg. We got on the plane and took off for Atlanta, and Ezra slept the entire way (after a feeding during takeoff). In Atlanta, he was a happy go-lucky baby with little or no care in the world (he did have a runny nose, a cough, and an apparent sore throat). But being in the world’s busiest airport has it’s disadvantages (other than always waiting in a long line of planes to take off), including too much to look at for a 4.5 month old that should be going to sleep.

He was awake and fussy since he was so tired. The boarding process on the plane seemed to take several weeks, and it was another month or so before they dimmed the cabin lights before takeoff. Almost by magic, the lights turned off and not long after so did Ezra. But the sleep was not deep and it seemed as though every noise, every conversation, every reading light, every drink service was at 150 decibels and Ezra stirred because of them all. For the most part, once he fell asleep he was fine for the trip…but we tried to move him between us a couple of times, each time with him waking up….so Ahna was stuck holding him for most of the trip.I had followed suit with Ezra and got the same symptoms has he did – only I was able to drown them in NyQuil and cough suppressant. 

My Mom graciously met us at the airport at 10:30pm and we all trekked home tired, sick, and ready for a nice night sleep.

Oh, we got into Castle Rock on the drive home and were welcomed back to Colorado with snow! It is always such a beautiful sight: the first snow fall of the year. Unfortunately, I haven’t downloaded the pictures from my camera yet, so those will have to wait until later today or tomorrow.

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