Opening Day Of Ski Season (For Me)

As it would turn out, the ski season was one week late to arrive this year (compared to the previous 2 years), and opened on the day that we departed for Florida…meaning that for the first time in seven years, I would be absent on the first runs of the year. Such is life. 

But Friday was my own personal opening day! I woke up early – partially because I couldn’t sleep – and headed out the door to make it up there in time to get my season pass before the lifts opened. I had ordered the pass right after my birthday, but just received it this morning. It was cold and snowy up there (11 degrees at the base plus the wind), but it felt so good to be on the skis again. 

Since last year was my first year skiing with the telemark gear, I was a little nervous about the first few turns of this season…no problems with the first run. It was the first turns on the second run that got me. I didn’t fall, but I am sure that I provided the people in the lift above me with some laughter for a few moments. I can tell you one thing about telemark skiing: it doesn’t seem to matter about how much you prepare during the off season, nothing that I have tried can get my legs ready for those turns.

The freedom to play on the mountain is such a refreshing feeling: I’m sure that I will need to be refreshed every couple of days this winter. Anyone that want to join me?

The pictures are from the top of Loveland Pass, from the parking lot at A-Basin, and down the run that is currently open.

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