Where Duct Tape Gets It Stickiness: Rice Cereal

Well, Wednesday turned out to be a down day….most all of the day was spent indoors not doing very much. My Mom stopped by for dinner, but otherwise we were pretty recluse. 

Thursday brought some sun and a little more action from our house. I was on the mend, and Ezra seemed to be a little better, Ahna still feeling pretty good, but expressing concern over a possible sore throat. Unpacking (yea, we didn’t get to it until today), grocery store visit, and a trip to the mall. We decided that we needed a video camera, so after some quick research through the library and Consumer Reports, we headed up to Best Buy, gift cards in hand, to get a camera. We settled on a traditional tape camera – mostly due to it’s cost – but also due to the fact that it records in essentially RAW format, thus allowing the most editing capability once it’s on the computer….at least that is what the salesman said. I’m not sure that I believed him that the digital cameras compressed the video quality, but we couldn’t afford them anyway. I am hoping to give it a shot soon and possibly post something to the blog over the weekend. 

Now to the big event of the day: Ezra tried rice cereal for the first time! The Dr. had suggested it during the last visit, and we had been waiting for the right opportunity to give it to him. Last night was it. We sat him down in the Bumbo, put the tray on, applied a bib, and went to town feeding him. He did great. It was hilarious. At first, he didn’t know what to do with his tongue…..he kept taking the food in, then moving his tongue in a sucking motion, thus pushing the food back out. He would try and try to accept the spoon into his mouth with pursed lips, each time resulting in half of the spoonful not making it in. He played with the food, he smiled, he ate, and he wanted more. Overall, we were very pleased (along with very amused) with his performance, and are looking forward to doing some more with him soon. We conveniently scheduled a bath for after the feeding, but didn’t plan on the amount of other things that would need some cleaning….oh well, it was taken care of. Back to the title: this stuff is crazy sticky. I think that double sided tape, gorilla glue, JB Weld, contact cement, and duct tape could all take a lesson from he current King of the Mountain: rice cereal.

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