All Hallows Eve Post 1

Too many pictures for one post, so there will be another coming soon. 

This morning began with a ‘trial’ run for Ahna at getting up early, showering, etc….just like if she were going to school – which, by the way, she will be a week from Monday. Ezra must have known about our plan and decided to let us know that he wasn’t too cool with it by waking up at 5 and saying awake until 6, at which point he went back to sleep for a while. He and I hung out downstairs. 

The opportunity for the trial run was presented by the chance to go to Ahna’s school today for a Halloween celebration. Each of the kids are invited to dress up, and at 8:45 there was a parade where all of the kids walk around the entire school….it’s actually really fun. Following the parade, we joined Ahna’s class (well, it’s actually Judy’s – the teacher until Ahna gets back to work – for now) for a little Halloween celebration with some food, some music, and some scary story telling (written and told by the kids). 

Oh yea, I almost forgot: Ezra’s first Halloween outfit was a cow. Yup, with a Mom from Wisconsin, it was a must-have for the first year. 

Some pictures from the morning:

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