All Hallows Eve Post 2

So the afternoon resulted in some errands preparing for the evening. We went and found a pumpkin….and by ‘we,’ I meant ‘Ahna drove all over town looking for one.’ It’s surprising predicable how difficult it is to find a pumpkin at 4 in the afternoon on Halloween. 

Downtown Castle Rock hosts a huge event for the kids to come and collect candy from the businesses, and while we didn’t participate in the cross between good clean small town fun and pure capitalism, Ahna was forced to drive through it twice in the hunt for pumpkins. Turns out that we think that the overall lack of trick-or-treaters is in large part due to the fact that they were all downtown….estimates of people downtown range from the lots-of-hundreds (by the town) to well over 3 million (by Ahna). 

We were surprised last year when we got a whopping 6 kids stop by for candy – especially for living in a neighborhood that has a ton of houses in a small area and is relatively full of kids – but we were pleasantly surprised when we had a steady flow of kids (still below 30 or 40) the whole evening….and not surprisingly, their age increased as the night went on. 

Once my folks stopped by, we did a little rice cereal with Ezra, gave him a bath, carved the mini pumpkin (we also discovered that the hardness of the pumpkin is directly proportional to the size. At least it was last night. It bent two carving knives in the attempt to make a face on it, but Ezra seemed to enjoy it, so the sacrifice was worth it), talked for a while, and had a nice and relaxing evening discussing politics. 

Here is the picture drop for the rest of the day….

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