A-Basin and Me

A few weeks ago, after looking at the schedule for days that Ezra would be in daycare this month (and realizing that it would only be one or two) we decided to include another day in the schedule to allow for him to become more familiar with Peggy and gang. 

Of course, the little man with skis sitting on my shoulder had absolutely no objection to this course of action and we made arrangements. The day was yesterday, and while Ezra spent the day with Peggy, I spent the day with Arapahoe Basin. 

A good friend and his new wife happened to be in town as they drove across the country to their new home, and they came along. They got married in a foreign country Alabama, and are on their way to San Diego where JJ will be stationed – he is a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with them, as well as to enjoy a beautiful day skiing and drinking beer in the mountains. 

Quick funny story: we arrived into Idaho Springs on the way up to A-Basin to get fuel (for the car and for us), at which point I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. See, earlier in the morning, I overslept my alarm by 45 minutes at work and was scrambling to get out of there to make the meet time. I thought that I had miraculously pulled it off, until we got to the gas station when I came to the conclusion that I left my wallet at work. We got the gas taken care of, I worked a free beer at the bar through the mug club, and scrounged enough change for a soda and fries for lunch. Argh. Wallets and I haven’t gotten along recently….and it’s been mostly a one-way street sort of relationship. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that on Sunday Tori, Mary, and Alex came down and spent some time with Ahna and Ezra. Mary has been back east since the end of the summer, so it had been a while since she had seen the little boy. Everyone had fun, but there are no pictures to prove that it even happened….so I am going on Ahna’s word. 


  1. WOO WOO!!!

  2. Dave, Gina, & Zachary says:

    Seriously, maybe we should get you a special skiing wallet that is sewn inside your clothes or something. At least you didn’t lose it this time…

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