Off The Deep End

It was hot on Tuesday….like record heat. Remember that it snowed last week? Yea, it was 77 degrees yesterday, setting an all-time record. Oh by the way, it is supposed to snow on Thursday again. 

Ezra and I celebrated the warm weather by hitting the pool. I know that it’s indoors and the weather has absolutely zero effect on the pool, but it was the only transition that I could think of. Anyhow, we went to the play area at the rec center and spent nearly 30 minutes playing in the ‘deep’ end of the wading pool – it’s 5 feet deep. He swam (and kicked) all around the pool, ‘jumped’ in from the pool edge, and spent some time under the water (totaling about 3 seconds over 3 difference missions under). He almost never gave up the smile as he made lots of friends with other kids. 

Here is a picture from this afternoon, just because it seems to have been a while since he was featured…


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