Things To Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ahna and I enjoyed a nice day together yesterday doing some errands, but most importantly: hanging out without the oppressive ‘work’ looming overhead. 

We are heading down to my folks’ house this afternoon for a meal with a mish-mosh of people, and have been assigned volunteered to cook a couple of vegan dishes for the vegetarians/vegans in the crowd (there will be at least 4, I think). We looked up some recipes yesterday morning and settled on a Shepard’s Pie and a sweet potato casserole (from Kathy in FL) before heading out to the grocery stores. We immediately aimed for the natural foods store since we were looking for some vegan ingredients, and ended up stopping at Sunflower Farmers Market, Whole Foods, and King Soopers before we had everything. 

This morning comes the assembly and cooking process (otherwise known as ‘following the recipe’) and we will be faced with the same confliction that nearly every one of you get to deal with: how to cook more than one thing in the oven when you only have one oven. We’ll let you know how it turned out. 

Hopefully everyone will stop and think about what they are thankful for….our list is ever growing, but this year starts and stops with family and friends (oh yea, and for having jobs that will probably sustain themselves through tough economic times. And one more thing: a country that finally woke up and realized that we needed a big change.) As our immediate family has changed and grown, our extended family and friends have helped, loved, cared, supported, and encouraged in ways that we never thought possible. So: Thank You.

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