The Meal That Is Always Too Much (But Leftovers Rule!)

Ezra’s first Thanksgiving also marked the first Thanksgiving since Ahna and I have known each other that we didn’t travel somewhere to see family…instead we were able to drive down to my folk’s house and enjoy a wonderful afternoon there (remember the trip to Florida in October? That was our visit with family instead of over this weekend). We both commented on the ride home about how strange it was to be driving back to our house, and not staying somewhere else. Of course we absolutely love seeing family, but it sure was nice to arrive back to our own beds and not have to deal with the airport.

That ‘mish-mosh’ of a crowd consisted of family from Israel (Rena), family from Colorado (Mom, Dad, Joel, Jenn +1, and two of Jenn’s family, Cyrilla, Tanner), and family from California (John, Miriam). A total of 13 people for dinner, including 2 vegans, one vegetarian, and plenty of carnivores. Ahna and I made vegan versions of Shepard’s Pie and a Sweet Potato Casserole – both of witch turned out very tasty, if I do say so myself. The food was delicious: the turkey was perfect, the stuffing/dressing was great, and the corn pudding was worth thirds….but perhaps my favorite was the cream of asparagus soup….mmmmm. We served food that had recipes from Kansas, Florida, Virginia, Israel, and the Internet; and tried a new beer called He-Brew (really tasty and some of the best label reading out there)..truly a international flare to the table. 

After the main course, we all walked over to the Nathan’s house (the next-door neighbors) and joined their crowd of 13 for desert. Cyrilla had made some awesome pies, and in combination with the cookies and ice cream, it made for more great food that our stomachs had to find room for. By the time that we were done with desert, Ezra was getting tired (as were we as the digestion started, and the football was boring) so we headed home. 

It was a really fun day for us: we got to spend the morning together and the evening with family and friends, and all of it without the worry of work or travel. The only bummer was that I didn’t take a single picture with our camera (!), but there were several other photographers walking around. Whenever I get those e-mailed, I will make sure to post them.


  1. Hi there. This is Zak from Shmaltz Brewing Company, makers of HE’BREW Beer. Just wanted to say thanks for including us in your Thanksgiving dinner. Glad you enjoyed the beer! L’Chaim!!

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