A Quiet Afternoon

I love Saturdays. Especially when they involve waking up to snow, hanging out with Ezra in the morning, spending the afternoon with Ahna (alone), good college football on TV (go Gators), and finally a fairly productive and relaxed evening. Basically what I am saying, is that I like 3-4 Saturdays per year….at least to the degree that I enjoyed yesterday. 

The morning hours were fairly self explanatory based on the previous paragraph….so skip to the afternoon. Mom, Dad, and Rena hung out with Ezra while Ahna and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch, chilling at the house, and some errands. I can’t say the next statement without the qualifier that we wouldn’t change anything for the world, but we really enjoy each other’s company…and miss the intentional time together. 



  1. Hooray!! I am glad you had a great feast, great company, and a great weekend. I was reading your blog to Mary and Tom last night when we got home from the show, so I didn’t post a comment. I am so thankful for you three and the uber-smile I can’t help but wear when I think of you. Sorry for the shopping drama, but safety first!! I hope you are making a list of all these lessons just in case any of the rest of us are as brave as you to start a family. Or maybe I’ll adopt once the kid’s out of car seats! Glad you two had an afternoon to yourselves…loveyoumeanit…

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