Does Anyone Know A Good Weatherperson?

Seriously, where do weatherpeople go and get education/training? I am once again assure of the fact that the magic 8-ball is the ‘computer’ that they keep referring to in their forecasts. Actually, that’s probably not true because they would be right more often. The latest example? Yesterday it was supposed to just flurry on and off all day. Well it did….to the tune of 8 inches of new snow, on top of the 5 that they didn’t predict two days ago. 

Since another picture of the snow would be repetitive, here is a happy boy this morning. 



  1. Bummer about the snow! I know how much you hate it…did any fall in the mountains? I don’t look anymore. I hope Ahna’s commute this morning wasn’t awful. Have fun with the little studmuffin!

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