6 Months

We celebrated Ezra’s 6-month birthday with a night in Breckenridge…and a bunch of snow (more on that in a different post). Anyhow, it has been quite the ride so far….hard to believe that it has already been half of a year. Among other things, these past two weeks have brought Ezra reaching for people to be picked up, and using his tongue to make a hissing sound (like a ‘th’ noise). He is spending more and more time on his belly (like 20+ minutes at a time) and is really, really close to a good army crawl. As it stands right now, we have a hard time keeping him in one 10×10 area for long. We have a doctor’s appointment next week for shots, and hope to be able to get a weight and height for you all (well, really for us, but your a good excuse). Here’s the progressive picture:


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