So Life Goes On…..(Really?!)

It’s a strange thing. ‘Life goes on’ is such a cliche thing to say, but it is also one of the most real things that can be said. I’m not sure that Ahna or I have ever experienced what that means as up-front has we have these past couple of days. 

As Ahna and I were dealing with the news about Tim, Ezra (obviously not understanding any of it) still had his needs…we had to wipe back tears to make sure that he was happy and satisfied, fed and content. It was such a stark reminder of some of the realities of the world – in an incredibly uplifting way. 

In the midst of the emotional chain reaction, Ezra had a doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon. He was due for his 6-month well-baby check-up, but our Doctor decided to take a vacation (the nerve!) and we were not able to reschedule that check-up until January. We still went in for shots – he did great as always: cried for about 5 seconds then was back to smiling – and we were able to talk the nurse into doing a set of vital statistics for our records. Here are the latest numbers on the ever growing boy:

Head: 17.5″ (75%)

Weight: 18 pounds, 3 ounces (65%)

Height: 27.25″ (85%)

One more note: the change over to the new car seat has gone fairly well. The several times that I have had to take him out of the car while sleeping, we were able to arrange the move so he would stay asleep….but it does take a lot longer to get in and out of the car. He absolutely loves the forward-facing stroller, and therefore never falls asleep in it. We will make the transition in Ahna’s car over the weekend.

PS – Here is the larger version of the photo that was used on the month-by-month image. It was taken on his 6-month birthday.



  1. Hi Oren,

    We’re enjoying your blog and seeing Ezra’s pictures. We will be putting a little something in the mail for Ezra’s first Christmas. It probably won’t make it in time, but I had to finish making it. Hope to see the two of them together online soon!


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