God Bless You, Tim

Not really sure how to post something like this on the blog. 

We lost Ahna’s cousin, Tim Abernethy, in the Line Of Duty this morning (Sunday). Tim was a police officer with the Houston Police Department, and was on a traffic stop when the subject got out of the car and ran. When Tim followed in pursuit, the suspect hid behind a bin, and shot Tim several times.

We really can’t express the shock and loss that we are feeling right now, let alone Tim’s family. He has left behind a wife and two beautiful kids, amongst the rest of the family. 

I’m not really sure what the blog postings will look like for the next several days, but we are trying to go to Houston for the services. Needless to say, the postings might be a bit scattered for the next week or so. 

Please hold Tim’s family in your prayers this week. And please, please, please let your local police officers know how much you appreciate their service, dedication, and commitment to a better community. 

Here is a link to a news story about the incident.

A nice story about Tim.

The picture was taken last June at a family reunion in the Seattle area (nothing on this site is for reproduction by anyone else, period).


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