Utterly Ridiculous

So the hotel that we were staying in has a game room. In this game room are things like Pac-Man, car racing games, dancing games, mini-golf, and a cow milking game. Yup, I said it: a cow milking game. You insert a few quarters, and when the utter lights up, you grab it. The more that you correctly grab before the light goes out, the higher your score. It’s one of the funniest, most ridiculous games that I have ever seen. Note: I said ‘seen’ because I have never played it. Ahna can’t make the same claim, as evidenced in the photos below. The sad/funny thing: this isn’t the first time that we have stayed at this hotel. And this isn’t the first time that Ahna has played this game. 

Also, here are the pictures of Ezra in the snowsuit (they are all from my camera, so excuse the quality).


  1. A moment of pride for Ahna!! Sorry we missed you today. loveyoumeanit…

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