A Little Pre-Christmas Party

As is the annual tradition, Jay, Karen, David, Cyrilla, Tanner, Ahna, Ezra, and I got together for a nice meal and a celebration among friends. We decided long ago (like several weeks) that the dinner would be our gift to each other, and we would instead spoil the kids with some gifts. Of course this year featured Ezra for the first time, but the old-school veteran – Tanner – made sure to show him the way of the feast…..well, maybe not the feast, but certainly the gift opening. 

Ezra did his best to eat his way through the wrapping, but seemed to be instantly in love with the gifts that he got – both frog themed. Is that odd to anyone else? He also took an immediate liking to David’s new set of blocks, and had a desire to make sure that they all tasted okay. 

Enjoy the pics!


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