Skiing With Tim

When we were leaving Houston last weekend, Stephanie asked if I would make a ski run the next time that I went up for Tim. Tim loved to ski, so it was a request that required immediate filling. 

With Tim in mind, Joe, Scott and I headed up to Arapahoe Basin yesterday to enjoy a day of skiing with Tim. It was cold…bitter cold….like 7 degrees at the top and a 35 mph wind to help out. But the snow was stellar: it has been dumping up there for the better part of 10 days, and the powder was a foot deep at times. 

We made the first run a little crazier than we would have normally….steeper, deeper, and faster….because that is how Tim would have skied. After a couple of hours of hitting the slopes, we hit the bar equally has hard: we had every intent of walking out of there after about 30 minutes…but good beer and good conversation got in the way. So a couple hours later we left and headed back home very satisfied. 

Here’s to you, Tim!


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