More On The Schedule

Okay, here’s a few more thoughts on the last couple of days….

It pretty much lived up to the expectations that we had. Work was fine. I have worked 96 hours straight in the past, so being at work for 48 hours wasn’t a strange sensation…but being there with the same crew and the same shift was a little strange. Some of the typical routines were a little shaken up for the better: one trip to the grocery store for two days, only doing chores one time, only having to make my bed one time, etc. Both days were fairly busy with a good mix of calls, maintenance, and training. 

I started my task book for the Acting Lieutenant position, so that has given me something new to work on at the station. For the last two days, I was still driving the truck, but I handled most of the administrative stuff – organizing the day, keeping us on task, doing the log book, completing the reports, etc. Next tour (Sun, Mon), I will start my training in the Lieutenant’s seat.

When it came to how things were for Ahna and Ezra….again, pretty much like expected. Ahna was busy at work, so extra meetings and extra things to do occupied a lot of her time. Ezra spent both days in daycare; the first day wasn’t so good, but the second day went a lot better. They were able to stop by the station yesterday afternoon for a few minutes, but our time was cut short by a call. 

So logistically, it went fine. On the other hand, it was difficult for me to be away from home for that duration, and Ahna and Ezra missed me being at home as well (or at least they are telling me that). There were a few moments on the first day that I was a little resentful of the schedule, but hopefully those will be balanced by the excitement of being home now for the next four days. 

It’s only one tour of two days…both of which we were able to sleep the better part of the night. We will have to wait to see how this continues to develop and change, and we will see what happens when the nights get shorter at work, or at home.

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