Six Month, Err, Seven Month Dr Visit

So Ezra finally had his six month well-baby check yesterday. He’s basically 7.5 months for those counting. It was a whole scheduling/vacation thing in December, so it had to get postponed to now. 

Everything checked out okay. He is growing well, in good health, and the doctor is please with his development. He is currently dealing with a upper respiratory system problem that is causing a cough, but no fever or any other symptoms. We also had a question about some rash/dry skin looking stuff that has recently developed on his back, and the diagnosis was excema. It seems like Ahna had it when she was a baby, and now Ezra gets to feel the fun. According to the doctor, it tends to flair up more in the cold months due to the dryness, but that it isn’t really much to worry about. We were given the task to make sure that the soaps, detergents, etc that we are using are fragrant-free to rule out any other potential causes.  He hasn’t shown any awareness (pain, discomfort, etc) about the excema thus far, so no big deal. 

He did get two shots (HIB and Prevnar) at the visit, and as always did really well with them. Because he was a little tired and hungry, he did cry when he got them (two nurses gave him a shot each, at the same time, to ‘get it over with’), but stopped almost as soon as we picked him up, and stopped altogether when he went back to feeding. So, there was a little “what the heck was that?” cry, but nothing lasting.

Next visit is at the nine month spot. It will mark the first time that we will go two months between visits. 

Here are the numbers:

Head: 18″ – 75%

Height: 27.5″ – 75%

Weight: 19 lbs, 4 oz – 65%

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