The Army Crawl

Yea, it seems to be becoming more and more perfected over just the past couple of days. Once again, generally it’s the cat that is inspiring some of the these moves, and just about every time that we set him down to play – and the cat is within sight – he drops and army crawls over to her (ps: I have found them several times locked together via her claws….but just on his clothing. I suppose it’s good that it’s winter and he is wearing long sleeves). We have also started to notice that in conjunction with learning how to use his hands for the army crawl, he is starting to apply the same techniques to attempting to crawl on his knees. I suppose that it won’t be long how.


  1. thats awesome, life as you know it will now be over, you just can’t sit and watch anymore….also, you are determined to make Lynese’s quilt famous


  2. Woo woo!! I was pleased he demonstrated for me last night. He starts with the lunge with his butt in the air and then pulls himself forward – maybe he will be a swimmer?? loveyousomuch

  3. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Way to go Ezra! You can do it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    When did he get so big?!? I could watch this clip over and over. What a beautiful boy!

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