Safety First

We figured that along with the crawling, which he is getting really proficient at (he will motor all over the place in no time…at the firehouse he crawled all of the way from the living room, under a table, and into the dining area; roughly 25 feet….and he did it 5 or 6 times), we would add some safety features to the living room area – where he spends the vast majority of his time at home. We let him sit there and play (now crawl), and have found him closer to the top of the stairs to the garage than we would have liked. He also made one attempt to pull himself up the coffee table – successfully lifting his whole body off of the ground – so we added the corner protection. And finally, we put some stuff up to hopefully prevent him from becoming a DJ before we are ready. 

Oh yea, the ‘simple, easy to install’ gate wasn’t. The advertised 10 minutes turned into 60, including a trip to the hardware store. Argh. 

One picture of the gate from Ezra’s point of view.


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