Museums And Cake…Hmmm!

Ezra and I headed up to the Children’s Museum of Denver to join in the celebration of Mary Kate’s 3rd birthday. None of us has ever been to the Children’s Museum here, so we were looking forward to the opportunity to explore what the place had to offer.

Oh boy, does it have a lot to offer. We have been to a few others around the country (all pre-Ezra) and this museum definitely has it’s own little slant on kid’s joints. Most all of the stuff is deeply interactive….meaning that there is painting, there is building things from recycles objects, there is acting, there is acting like a doctor, there is dance, etc. They also have a great place designed and designated specifically for kids under the age of 4, and within that space a place for kids under 12 months. It’s mostly an area to crawl around and through things…..

Speaking of that: you might see in one or two of the pictures Ezra on his hands and knees. The transition from army crawl to regular crawl is happening in fast forward. He is making it quite a distance on his knees before dropping to his belly…..I think that I may have promised this before, but just in case I hadn’t: a video to come soon. 

Oh, I recognize that the last few posts haven’t included many Ezra pictures. Settle down, here ya go. 



  1. Were you there today (Sunday)? We were there this morning 10:00-11:00 and noticed a birthday party. Bummer if we missed you. I was thinking about you guys while I was there and thinking Ezra would like the baby area you mentioned.

  2. Ezra and the girls! Looks like he had fun. Do they still have the house and garden? It’s been a few years since I played there – with Maddie.

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