Let’s Crawl!

When I was about to post this video, I got to thinking about something…..on January 16 we posted a video of Ezra starting to perfect the army crawl. That was 11 days ago. Check the new video out:


  1. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool!!!!!

  2. Andrew Wessman says:

    He’s got it down now.
    And now the chasing after him begins……before long you’ll remember fondly when you could leave him in one spot…

  3. Rebecca Coyle says:

    Goodness! He’s gone from army crawl to full-fledge crawl to almost pulling up. Man…are you in for it! 😉 So cute…thanks for sharing.

  4. I could just eat him up!! I missed you this weekend. It sure was fun to see Ahna and Ezra, though. loveyousomuch…tori

  5. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    He is so precious! Thanks for the opportunity to see him crawl! We keep watching him over and over and smile!! Love, Grandpa and Grandma Bersagel

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