Sorry no posting the last couple of days….I have been at work. As a side note, right now I think that we are ambiguous towards our feelings for the 48 hour work schedule. For the first couple of weeks, I worked a lot on the weekends and therefore didn’t have much quality time with Ahna. But as the schedule moves, so do my days off, and for this entire month, I don’t work a single weekend day. I suppose that this is an upside to the schedule….but we haven’t really made up our minds on whether or not we like it more than the old schedule. I promised myself that I would give it 6 months before I formed any solid opinions. 

On Monday Ezra and I headed back to the pool for some swimming fun. It was really neat to see him transfer some of what he is learning in the bathtub (splashing) to the pool, and for the first time he started making lots of waves with his arms. He was even moving his arms in unison attempting to move across the water. He has long been kicking when he gets in the pool, and now he was moving his arms in a motion that remotely resembles the butterfly stroke. 

He has also been really enjoying going under the water features and getting dumped on by the water. We spent a lot of time on these past couple of trips in the ‘lazy river’ just walking the path, but aiming for the water spouts, etc. Whenever we get close to one, he attempts to leave my arms trying to get to them, and just before going under, he holds his breath and scrunches up his face. It’s awesome.


  1. Oh thank goodness! I thought you were back to posting movie reviews… “/

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