Valentine’s Day

So today we will participate in the celebration of Ezra’s first Valentine’s Day by going out to brunch with our ‘family dinner’ gang, then later heading out to dinner as just the three of us. Ezra got a head start on the partying at his day care on Thursday, as Peggy hosted a Valentine’s Day party for all of the kids. It sounds like it was a good time….for the other kids…..Ezra apparently slept through most of it. He did write everyone a Valentine’s card, and gave everyone a little piece of candy. Of course, he came home with a little brown bag full of cards and candy from the other kids. It’s a shame that he can’t eat that stuff yet, and someone will have to pick up the slack. Also, Peggy gave him a little gift of a sippy cup – which transitions well to the next paragraph. 

A few days ago, we got Ezra his first drinking cup. He has been fascinated with whatever we have been eating/drinking for some time, but we were holding off on getting him anything until now. In the past, he has been able to drink out of our water bottles: he figured out how to bite the top of the straw and suck the water out (they are made by Camelback)….so we didn’t think that this would be too foreign for him. Turns out that we were right: he took to it very well…as long as we hold it up so water can come out. Since the bottle is metal, it’s a little heavier than the plastic ones, and he has a hard time of picking it up and holding it upside down…either that or he just doesn’t understand the principal yet. Regardless, he loves to hold it and bite/suck on the top. Oh, and he loves to throw it also. 

Yup, that’s him standing on his own on the table. He has gotten really good at sitting on his knees and picking himself up to a standing position on nearly anything. He also is loving climbing stairs, and can do two or three on his own before forgetting what he was doing.



  1. Ezra is so cute I can barely stand it. I think he is a superhuman.

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