The Time Has Come

It was my intent to remove the Obama ’08 sticker that has adorned my car for more than a year just after the inauguration. I figured that was appropriate time to bask in the victory without being one of those people who are driving around with Gore, Kerry, or W  stickers 8 years later. Well, every time that I was going to do it, I would be driving on the road and see someone with a Nobama sticker, or a McCain sticker, or a Palin sticker. Just between you and me (because doing something this silly is not worth while), it was great fun to speed up and pull in front of them on the interstate…..and drive there for a few miles, thus forcing them to stare at the Obama sticker for a while. Yea, I know….pretty immature…..but after the last bunch of years…..great fun. Alas, yesterday was the time. The sticker came off of the car. The rear window now seems a little naked – you have any suggestions?



  1. Maybe you need a “my bay’s cuter than yours” sticker? Or how about a “no farms, no food” – I’ve got an extra one on my desk if you want it?

  2. littlehippie says:

    To my new ‘conservative friend’….I don’t allow comments by people that I don’t know where it is coming from. Let me know who you area (and if I know you), and despite the difference in opinion, it will make it up here.

  3. Conservative Republican says:

    Oren I really thought you would figure out it was me teasing you about your unfortunate bumper sticker!!! Aunt April

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