AAARRRGGGGHHH! It Was A Mighty Fun Valentine’s Day

Re-read that post title in the voice of a pirate. It’ll make more sense when you see the pictures. 

We had great fun with the crowd at the ‘Lover’s Brunch’ at Gabe and Charlotte’s house. The Valentine’s Day fairy even showed up to give a special wish to Ezra. Okay, perhaps Jennifer was just looking for an excuse to dress up, but Ezra was fascinated with the pink hair. Tori brought everyone a small gift, and for Ezra she brought him a pirate eye patch. It is pretty funny. 

Later that evening, the three of us went out for a really nice dinner at a local restaurant before retiring to the house/bedroom for the evening. We all layed in bed and watched Dan In Real Life before nodding off for the night. 




  1. What a cute young pirate!!! One of my co-workers wondered if it was functional. Of course the patch is functional, but no, it was not prescribed. I can’t imagine a baby actually wearing an eye-patch. Though not rational yet, they may figure out the eye-poking thing. anywhoodle…don’t get blown away!

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