Burnt Hot Dogs

Ever wonder what the recipie is for a burnt hot dog odor (sans the hot dog itself)? Well in case you were wondering it is really simple, here it is:

3 cups water. Bring water to boil in a Pampered Chef sauce pan. Intend on sterilizing pacifiers for your child, but don’t put them in the water. Go on hour+ walk with stove still on. Return to house and you will have desired odor. 

Yea, almost had a fire department related problem. Luckily, we returned to the house in time and possibly saved the pan. We’ll have to see about that one. The odor has permeated every room….so even though it’s 15 outside, the front door is open, two windows are open, and three ceiling fans are on. It’s starting to go away, so hopefully we won’t freeze tonight.


  1. Dave and Mary Jo says:


  2. Wow!! I really want to say something sarcastic, but we’ve all done stupid things, right? Better luck next time.

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