The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

Big news! Ezra is in the process of getting his first tooth. After days of being dis-invited into his mouth with our fingers, lots of poop, and a very runny nose (more on that in a minute); Ezra allowed one finger each into his mouth on a very short exploratory mission. The findings by the team were simple: something that feels very unlike a gum, sharper than his tongue, and located on the bottom just to the left of the center. Since nobody to date has seen this mysterious object in person (or been able to photograph it), it is a series of drawn conclusions that have lead us to this point. But I think that we are on solid ground.

The thing is that Ezra has been sick for the better part of two-three weeks. He has had a cough and runny nose that hasn’t gotten worse with time, but they never got any better. Sleep (for all of us) has been up and down….mostly down. So we came to the conclusion that Ezra had fought hard enough without a visit to the doctor’s, so he deserved to see if something medically could be accomplished.

We went to the office this morning and were able to see Dr. Sheehan (his normal Doc). After a pretty good examination, she came to the idea that Ezra has RSV…which is really common in kids his age, and is spreading like wildfire around the metro area. He most likely picked it up in daycare, but if all of the reading material is correct, he is on the downside of the sickness. Due to his good vitals, no fever, and great demeanor; there was no medicine issued, just instructions on what to watch for in case it gets worse before it gets better. His cough seems to be improving today, but the night will bring his biggest test. 

Here are a couple of pictures from this evening (with my new camera…..ssshhhh….don’t tell anyone yet, more on that another time)….the one is of him gnawing on a teething biscuit. 



  1. Wow! I kind of want a nutter butter after seeing that picture! congrats on the teeth, little guy. Lo siento, Ahna! I hope he is nice to you. tori

  2. Rebecca Coyle says:

    I like the title! Teething is horrible and every kid is so different. But glad to hear Ezra is getting better.

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