All 4 Grandparents Under 1 Roof…Imagine The Possibilities

Ezra’s grandparents (Ahna’s parents) came into town for a long weekend of Ezra fun. They arrived on Thursday night/Friday morning – depending on what clock you looked at – after a long, long day of travel. The normal 2.5 hour drive from home to the airport was turned into a 5+ hour trek due to a snowstorm that wrongfully timed it’s arrival. After a short delay in Minneapolis of about an hour, they had a fairly uneventful trip to Denver. I met them at the airport right as the clock struck the witching hour…though no ghosts appeared. 

Friday was a fun day of seeing Ezra for the first time since Christmas for Grandma and Grandpa. We enjoyed a morning at home, a lunch out, and an evening of family-style relaxation. Saturday had little more business-like morning, with a trip to the store for some new PJs for Ezra, but the afternoon kicked off with Ahna and I going out for a short date to the movies – the first one that we have gone to since early last summer (movie review coming soon). The day ended with a wonderful and engaging dinner at our house with my parents. It is always fun to have everyone together, and we really enjoyed each other’s company. Of course, Ezra loved all of the grandparents being around and spent the evening moving back and forth between everyone. 

Grandpa and Grandma Bersagel leave to head back to the midwest on Sunday. Our next scheduled time together is a trip sometime this summer….details to be reviled later. Here’s a few pictures from today:



  1. Rebecca Coyle says:

    I love the look one Ezra’s face in the first pic with all of his grandparents. He’s totally in the element! 😉

  2. I love the tongue thing Ezra has going on, but Oren…presuming you entered the blog…are you really reviling the plans for this summer? That is an unfortunate typo.

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