Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

Hmm. I suppose that I actually don’t need to do a review of the movie given recent award show events…so instead I will pass on some advice for those that haven’t seen it yet. 

Following the Oscar’s, I really had no desire to see this film…everyone that I know loved it, every movie review loved it, every award show loved it…seriously, there was no way that this movie could ever live up to the hype. I was sick of hearing how great it was, I was sick of seeing commercials for it, and I was sick of everyone else having seen it except for us. 

So, the other day when Ahna and I took a couple of hours for ourselves and headed to the movies, we went straight for Slumdog. Really, Ahna convinced me that it was worth giving a chance to. But in the between time before the movie, it turns out that I had been so anti-movie, that my expectations had been lowered for the film right back to square one. 

We loved it. The writing was good, the acting (especially the younger kids) was great, the direction and cinematography was excellent, and the story line was original and fantastic. It deserved all of the praise and all of the awards. So back to that advice for those that haven’t seen it yet: go see it. You’ll like it…no matter what anyone else tells you.


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