9 Months!

Well, another month has come and gone….this time it was 3/4 of a year gone by (!). Seems as though everyone is over the sicknesses that have inhabited the house for the past few weeks, and all attitudes are on the rebound. Ezra and I went swimming yesterday morning, and then to visit a new member of the extended family at Swedish Hospital…..our great friends Joe and Alissa welcomed a baby boy on Monday night….Barrett was born around 10:30. It was great to see them and to introduce Ezra to a new play buddy….and future teammate of some sport.

The ominous heat that has held the front range hostage for the better part of this week seems as though it is starting to break: today is supposed to be a cool 70, but Saturday could bring us some snow. Keep your fingers crossed that this summer intrusion is only that, and winter will return…..at least some of us actually like this time of year.



  1. Rebecca Coyle says:

    I always like your updated “montage” of Ezra photos. He has the cutest expressions! Happy 9 months!!!

  2. I love my little 9 month old nephew! He is so darn cute! So is he running yet?

  3. littlehippie says:

    Not running yet….give it a little while….walking soon!

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