Doctor Visit

Ezra had his 9 month doctor appointment the other day….(!) When we went to the doctor’s office a few weeks ago for his sickness, he was a grumpy (understandably) kid during the visit. When we got there this time, he continued the grumpiness – at least initially. I don’t know if it was from him just waking up from a nap, or if it was a recognition of the place, or a combination of both; but he wasn’t the happiest kid for the nurse that took all of his measurements. When Dr. Sheehan walked in, he was displeased at first, then warmed up as the exam went on…which has a lot to do with the way that Dr. Sheehan was interacting with Ezra.

He checked out great, and Dr. Sheehan was pleased with his progress since the last visit. The 9 month appointment has two shots with it (following the schedule that we are on): the flu shot, and the polio vaccine. After talking with the Doctor, we opted to not get the flu shot since the season is coming to a close. As almost always, when Ezra got the vaccine, he showed about 5 seconds of uncomfortableness and then went back to his perky, content self. It’s wild to think that our next visit to the office will be for his 1 year appointment.

The stats – Height: 29.5″ (85%), Head: 18.25″ (75%), Weight: 20 lbs 8ozs (50%)

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