The Stair Climber

So the last couple of weeks of practice has made nearly perfect….Ezra loves the stairs, and when he is motivated to get to something (and not distracted by the cat as in the first part of the video) he motors. The level of the house that he ends up on isn’t exactly child-proof, so if we aren’t careful, Ezra will end up playing with the cat’s water, or finding something worth grabbing off of the dining room table bench.


  1. aunt april says:

    He’s a total little cutie-pie!!!! He kept turning to look at the cat and I think he was deliberating on whether to drag that kitty by his bushy black tail up the stairs with him! Of course, being quite clever, he quickly deduced he would try that trick after he’s mastered the stairs and no video camera is recording the deed….

  2. Hey! Looks like fun! He knows how to use the “hey”, doesn’t he? And did I notice some skillbuilding on the downstair climb? I can’t wait to see stories of the things he gets into!

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