Children’s Museum Fun

We had the opportunity to meet up with Abby, Teva, and Micah this morning at the Children’s Museum. This is Ezra and my second visit in just a few months, and Ahna’s first time there. The last time, Ezra was just learning how to crawl….wow. He really enjoyed Micah’s company and seemed into a lot more things this time….like cogs, boats, basketball, and fishing off of a pier. We put in one picture of Ezra crying (just after he fell on the pier…which at first I encouraged him to get back to playing, then later realized that he actually hit the railing hard enough to bruise his ear) only because you can see the love and care that his good friend Micah has for him with a big ‘feel better’ hug. 🙂



  1. Which was the crying pic? He always looks so happy!

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