Wherefore Art Thou, Mexico?

The storm hit with full vengeance this morning. We got to the airport early to try to stand-bye for another flight, but they didn’t have seats….our flight was cancelled. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything after noon was cancelled leaving Denver. Oh, and our bags made the flight that we tried for, and are somewhere at 40,000ft between here and Dallas. As of this moment, my folks are braving the blizzard outside to come and pick us up from the airport. We have already made alternate plans, of which we will share later. Storm note: Castle Rock is slated for 2 feet of snow (possibly more, according to one station).

Here’s what our morning looked like at the airport:



  1. Lo siento! Ahna didn’t know what day you were flying when we talked Saturday, and I feared you were caught in the weather delay. Ironic after your post about the weather that the snow came in full force only to thwart your efforts to a sunny clime. I hope you are staying warm!!! loveyoumeanit…

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