The Saga Of The Baggage

First off, we made it home yesterday safe and sound. The drive took about 1.5 hours in each direction, but the roads were not too bad – given the conditions. It turns out that the storm was a lot weaker than they predicted it would be, and only dropped a foot on Castle Rock.

In the post yesterday, I mentioned that the bags – unlike us – made the plane. To make a long story short, when we go to Mexico on Sunday, it will be the second trip out of the country for the bags in three days. American Airlines actually sent the bags all of the way to Mexico without us on either plane. Besides being a major inconvenience for us, I image it to be a major safety violation for them. Bags without the corresponding passenger? Jeez.

Yesterday morning at the ticket counter, we were told that if we missed the flight the bags would stay in Denver. Then after we missed the flight, we were told by the baggage office that they would stop the bags in Dallas. Then on the phone, they said that they didn’t know where the bags were, but they probably got sent all of the way to Mexico. #$%&! So after a slightly really angry phone call this morning to the central baggage tracing department, it appears that they found the bags in Cancun this morning, and have shipped them back to Denver…with an expected arrival tonight. We’ll see. If in fact they come in, we are going to go and get them tomorrow afternoon – just to make sure that they are ours, before returning to the airport on Sunday.


  1. What bum luck! I hope they sent you a free bottle of tequila or something for your troubles. (a pipe dream, I realize)

    But now I know what Plan B is. I am glad you are still going to get to go! till tomorrow

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