We Found Mexico!

Boy, that was a long day of travel. It started with a ride to the airport at 8am, and ended arriving at our room at 8:45pm. The airports were fine, the flights were on-time and smooth, and Ezra did great….it just took time.

We flew into Mexico in the twilight of the day and left the airport in darkness….so we didn’t see anything, nor did we know what we were in for. As soon as we left the plane and got into the main terminal of the airport, the heat/humidity hit….and it was particularly hard since we had just come from a foot of snow (PS, it is snowing in Castle Rock again today, with 4 inches expected).

The gauntlet of salespeople in the airport was just as advertised…and we followed directions: keep your head down, talk to nobody, and get out of the building – then look for your ride. We had a van to the airport all to ourselves, which was a nice thing at the end of the long day of travel. Ezra slept for a total of about 45 minutes during the day, which is well short of his normal 3 hours of sleep; so the car ride and subsequent sleep was needed.

The total ride took just shy of an hour and was really interesting. We were serenaded the entire way by a Spanish language cover tape of American music (the Scorpions, the Eagles, and numerous other cheesy ’80s music). The road felt just like any airport exit road that you have ever been on: divided highway with lights down the center….only this one went on for the entire 60KM to the hotel. We passed through one small town, but by several McDonald’s and 7-11’s.

We also drove through a few police checkpoints…complete with the military-looking guys by the side of the road; while the larger officer sat reading the newspaper in the office that didn’t have a door. To complete the look, there were even dogs sleeping underneath the police pick-up trucks. I’m not sure if those checkpoints are there all of the time, or just due to the heightened security state that Mexico is currently under.

We arrived at the hotel, and checked in where a glass of Champagne awaited us….wow. We are in a suite that overlooks the ocean…wow. Not much to say about the room and hotel for now, more in pictures and stories later. The room did have lots of things awaiting us: a bottle of rum, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey, and two bottles of tequila. Yea, and the mini-bar is included. They did also have a plate of dried fruits and nuts for us…all really nice, some useful to a family, some not so useful.

(The pictures were taken at DIA when we had some time to kill before the first flight.)



  1. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    It was fun to hear about your travels. Sounds like it was a very l-o-n-g day but so pleased that Ezra did so well!!
    The suite overlooking the ocean! WOW! Must be stunning!!
    We are doing well. “Hi” from Dad(Grandpa)
    Love, Mom (Grandma) Bersagel

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