The Sun Brings Many Things

It Brings Trouble With Time Changes. When we got here the other night, I accidentally unplugged the alarm clock…and since we are in another country, the cell phone didn’t automatically set it’s time. The resulting position was one of confusion when it came to the actual time. Yesterday morning came, and the sun appeared to us…causing us to burst into a flurry of morning activity when everyone was awake. We operated the entire morning an hour behind real time….which on a normal vacation isn’t too bad of a thing, but when we are trying to keep Ezra on a routine, it makes things difficult. Turns out that the time in Playa Del Carmen is the same as in Castle Rock…but that’s due to the fact that they don’t do daylight savings. Because the sun rises and sets an hour earlier, it is almost more difficult to adjust to than an hour time change. We think that with a steady clock, and a day behind us, we now have this figured out.

It Brings A Great View. We opened our curtains and were treated to that spectacular view that the hotel raved about the night that we arrived. The beach that you see in the photo is less than a minute walk, and there are plenty of great places to set up camp for a while. Oh yea, that’s a jacuzzi tub on our porch.

It Brings Heat. In the morning we had to walk up to the main building to check in with our transportation company to get back to the airport on Friday. It’s .5KM from our building to the main one, and you pass every pool, and every bar on the way. It’s a sprawling campus with all sorts of things going on at any given minute. But the walk up the center of the place, in the sun, was a good reminder of what sweat feels like.

It Brings Time In The Sea And The Pool. After we recovered from the morning time shift, we hit the beach. The water was interesting: shallow, warm, but with a rocky bottom in places. It’s something that neither of us were used to dealing with, but eventually learned to navigate our way around the rocks. Ezra loved the time in the ocean (okay, it’s the Gulf of Mexico) and he seemed to be a natural at hanging out in the waves. After the beach, we headed to the pool by the room to relax for a little while before heading up for an afternoon nap.

Eventually, It Brings The Night. The hotel has 7 or 8 dinner restaurants that are themed with different international cuisine. We made reservations at a different one for each night, starting with the Mexican restaurant. The food was pretty good, but Ezra had a pretty difficult time for some reason. Not sure if he was simply tired, or something else was going on, but it dictated that Ahna and I eat a little faster than we would have liked. We walked back to the room enjoying the coolness of the evening and hit the sack.



  1. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Beautiful background with beautiful people in the foreground. We’re enjoying it on our desktop. Have a great time!

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