The Third Day Brings Some Routine

So it takes a few days to adjust to the idea of a vacation, to learn the lay of the land, and to figure out a good routine for everyone. We searched high and low for two days, but we think that we finally found it yesterday.

And it’s everything that it was cracked up to be: breakfast, nap, pool, lunch, nap, beach, pool, dinner, bed. Most of the napping is done by Ezra, although there are moments that we shut our eyes also. We have been taking that time to play on the computer, read a book, or do a kakuro puzzle. I think that if you look closely, what was described in the first part of this paragraph is what is often referred to as a “vacation.”

Last night’s dinner brought us to the Swiss cuisine: fondue. For several reasons, we enjoyed the dinner a lot more than the previous night….first of all, this restaurant is on ‘our’ end of the complex, so it was a 5 minute walk. Also, the room was larger and louder, which allowed us to relax a little about the noise that Ezra was making. And finally, the food was really good…we enjoyed the presentation and the flavor, as well as the service.

Following dinner, we had a nice interlude near our room with some ice cream. We sat outside on a sofa and enjoyed the cool breeze before heading up to bed. This would make a nice routine any day of the week.


  1. Wow!! I want to go on a vacation. That sounds fun! I am glad you are enjoying yourselves. I will think of you sweating when (1) I am sweating at a workday planting trees & (2) it starts snowing this afternoon. loveyoumeanit…

  2. Oh yeah – and I will think of you at family dinner tonight. Tom’s making a seafood pasta dish – woo woo! miss you!

  3. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Sounds like you are “settling in” nicely! We hope that today is another “top notch” day!
    Safe travels tomorrow!
    We send our love, Mom(Grandma), Dad (Grandpa) Bersagel

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