Yum, Matzo

We enjoyed a fun, child-full, Passover Seder last night down at my parent’s house. Mom prepared an awesome meal, and once again made the best Matzo Ball soup (two versions…one that is chicken based, and one that is vegetable based….my favorite is the veggie). Joel and Jenn ventured out with their two week old son, Gavin, and joined us; and Abby, Teva, and Micah trekked down from NW Denver. It was wonderful to be with family and friends and to be sharing Ezra’s first Passover with those folks.

It was also interesting to see the progression of age: Micah is nearly 2, Ezra is nearly 1, and Gavin is brand new.  Gavin did really well (so did Joel and Jenn), and Micah and Ezra seemed to enjoy playing with each other. With the ‘sudden’ introduction of youth at the Seder table, it did make for an interesting story-telling part of the meal (traditionally this part can take an hour or more)…and we reduced that time down to about 20 minutes. But it did include a poem that Mom and Dad found somewhere: it was a bit silly, yet fitting for our attempted meal.

Photo Note: even though we had several camera’s on hand, almost no photos were taken…probably due to chasing kids down. The bib that Ezra is sporting is Gavin’s and he was actually supposed to wear it, but size and willingness to sit up factored in to who got the photo taken with it on.




  1. I have been thinking of you! I hope your seder and time with family for Passover has been great. I look forward to the year of stories when Ezra first asks the question about the bitter herbs. But I won’t get ahead of myself…he is just so stinkin’ cute as he is. loveyoumeanit…

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