Easter Eggs

And we are not talking about the ones that you can find on the internet (don’t know what I am talking about? Turn on your speakers, go to http://www.yahoo.com and click on the exclamation point. There are things like that all over the web). We headed down to my folks’ house this evening for some decorating fun. Since I have to work on Sunday, we are planning on hiding the eggs sometime tomorrow afternoon and letting Ezra hunt them down. The dye kit that we got came with a little crayon type instrument, where you could draw on the egg and it would show up during the dye process….you couldn’t really see what you were drawing prior to dyeing. It created some interesting art outside of the normal solid color egg.



  1. Bummer…I missed out on all the fun egg coloring! Looks like you have a future dishwasher unloader. What fun! loveyoumeanit…

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