Baby Jargon & A Real Word Or Two

According to the handy-dandy dictionary on my computer, the definition of ‘jargon is: special words or expressions that are used by a particular group and are difficult for others to understand.

There are times that I feel that the word was invented by parents so that they might be able to describe what their child is verbalizing. Well, for a while now, Ezra has had the jargon bug, and talks and talks and talks. A lot of the time it even sounds like he is forming a sentence…at least if you consider inflection and not vocabulary to be a vital construct of a sentence. While he is eating, while we are driving, while we are on a walk, while he is moving around….

Now, he has started to use a few words in the past couple of weeks – at least we are saying that he uses them. He says ‘hi’ and waves his hand when he sees people. He says ‘yea’ and claps when he sees us do something silly or funny, which prompts us to act like performers and do it all over again. He is also saying ‘daddy’ and ‘mama’ a lot, but hasn’t really put them into appropriate context yet. One more, he started to point using his right index finer at objects: first in books, then everywhere else. Sometimes when he does this, he will raise his eyebrows and say ‘oooooooo.’ It’s super cute.

If all goes well, he will be saying ‘far out’, ‘groovy’, and ‘right on’ soon. Once he masters those, he will be ready for his first Grateful Dead show.


  1. So you’re not taking him this week?

    When do you expect he’ll be saying, “The Dude abides” ? “/

  2. zukowskico says:

    handy-dandy? been watching Blues Clues?

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