And Now To The Celebration…

The day began with Ezra so excited about celebrating his first Mother’s Day with his Mom, that he woke up at 4:45am with no intentions of going back to sleep. So, the two of us headed downstairs to get a head start on the planning of the day – which mostly consisted of me asking him when he would be willing to go back to sleep.

Ahna joined us after a little while, and I had the opportunity to make her breakfast while she opened her gifts and cards. Ezra got her a book that they can read together called ‘Mommy Hugs’ which he picked out at the book store last week. After breakfast, we headed out for some coffee, then to run a few errands – including picking out a new hanging plant for the front porch.

In the afternoon we headed down to my parent’s house for the ‘main event’ of the day. When we got there, Ahna, Mom, and Grandma all were booted from the house for about an hour, and the four guys took the time to prepare a high-tea themed meal. We had a bunch of finger foods that were all really tasty, but the surprise was a cake. This was a big surprise due to the fact that it was the first cake that my Grandfather has ever made in his life! When it came time to crack the eggs, he said “I have never broken eggs before, so here goes!” It was a ton of fun, and he made a great cake that everyone enjoyed – especially Grandma.



  1. YEAH!! That sounds like a lot of fun. Tell your grandpa I am so proud of him – maybe he needs a new cookbook for father’s day of your favorite baked goods. “/

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