More Tooth

So Ezra has been giving us signs and symptoms that can either be excused as a cold or as teething for about a week now; and while I suppose that we still don’t know exactly what it all has been from, a new tooth has popped up. It seems like compared to the ‘normal’ timeline, Ezra has been a little slower at getting his teeth so who knows how many are coming in this time. The newest member of his mouth is right next to the elder statesmen on the bottom and just to the right as you look at the picture. His gums appear like they could produce in several different places, but we have been saying that for 8 months….



  1. road2emmaus says:

    What a beautiful smile. So glad that we got to see those new teeth! Pretty soon soon we get to see you and play with you Ezra! YEAH!! Love, Grandpa and Grandma Bersagel

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