So The Partying Begins…

Ezra’s Great-Grandparents have been in town for the last month or so (since just before Dad’s surgery) and are planning on leaving over the weekend, which means that they won’t be here to celebrate Ezra’s 1st birthday at the party. So, we started the events early and held a nice little dinner tonight….balloons, the gifts from his Great-Grandparents, and a muffin with a candle instead of cake (trying to avoid the sugars for now). Ezra made the obligatory 1st birthday mess, and also got some really cute outfits that he will be sporting this summer and fall. Oh yea, and a book also – which is probably his favorite thing to do right now…read.

Too many pictures came out too cute to trim down the amount loaded (just wait for his actual birthday), so here they are:



  1. Hooray – the road goes on forever and the party never ends!!

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