Indoctrination (Updated)

Well, you can turn another page in the “Been There, Done That” book of parenting. 3 sets of PJs for each Ezra and Ahna, two shirts for me, one set of sheets, half a roll of toilet paper, and one towel (all amounts qualified as ‘so far’) add up to a child that decided that the outside was better for the food than the inside. We aren’t exactly sure what has caused this to happen – since it is the first time (not including spit up) and the CSI hasn’t arrived as of yet – but we are getting a rare glimpse into exactly how much Ezra chews his food. Answer: when it comes to veggie burgers, not much. We were once again reminded of two things: 1) the stomach is acutely aware of the time of day, since it only and always decides to have episodes like this during the nighttime hours; and 2) somewhat surprisingly, vomit smells the same in an infant and an adult.

I am reminded of a scene from an old Nick cartoon where one of the characters farts for the first time…his verbal response was: “something just came out of my butt.” Ezra was sporting a similar expression as he was standing over the toilet. He seems to be acting okay for the most part, other than having no idea what is happening. He is trying to fall asleep between sessions, and even cracked a smile or two. This is being written as the clock shows near-midnight….here’s to hoping the worst is over.

Updated 0544: the worst was not over, and I suppose that it still may not be. As far as throwing up goes, once he empties his stomach, he was able to fall asleep for an hour or so at a time, but as soon as we tried to give him some fluids….up it came. More outfits gone through for Ahna and I, Ezra slept in diapers only. All of this should make for an interesting day.


  1. I’m sorry!!! I hope he feels better soon!

  2. My condolences on the laundry pile, your sleep schedule, and a long day ahead of you. When I have been overly sick and dehydrated, docs said sugary fluids at most 2 oz at a time, never actually sitting up – that often causes the gag reaction. Pedialyte to the rescue? At least it is a grey day outside, and you’ll instinctually want to stay in all day in a blanket and napping mode, right?

  3. road2emmaus says:

    I am sorry to hear that Ezra has been so sick! That is so hard!
    We hope that he is better today. Plus we hope that the 2 of you don’t get it from him! Please give him a big hug and kiss from Grandpa and Grandma Bersagel

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