The Negev: It’s A Small World Afterall

Special Israel Edition

Tuesday morning was a moment of sleeping-in…we didn’t get back from Jerusalem until after midnight, so we postponed our scheduled departure time a few hours. We left the house at 1030am, and headed towards the south…2.5 hours worth of heading towards the south, and smack into the middle of the Negev Desert. We were headed for my cousin’s – Gil – house at a military base. He and his family have lived there for 5 years, so it was Ahna and my second visit to the area. There is a certain beauty and mysticism that the desert holds, and more importantly a certain weather pattern that keeps the temperature much nicer than in the big cities.

Along the way, we stopped at a place called Mitspe Ramon, a city located at the northern edge of a gigantic crater. We walked along the edge of the crater, then went to the visitor center for some lunch. As we were enjoying our meal, another family sat at the table next to us and something caught my eye – a tshirt that one of them was wearing. As it turns out, the family was from Colorado, and the guy wearing the shirt (which was for the Littleton Dive/Rescue Team) is a firefighter in Littleton. Wow. We chatted for a while, shared some stories of our current trips around the country, and wished each other safe travels.

We got to Gil and Dafna’s house at about 3pm, and enjoyed a nice afternoon, a tour of the base, and a wonderful cookout dinner in their backyard. Some of us also enjoyed a little ping-pong and tried to keep the competitive spirits at bay. It was great to spend the evening with them, we just wish that it was for a lot longer than it was. We made the drive back to Ramat Hasharon safetly, and again arrived late. Tomorrow should be a little more reasonably scheduled….


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